Redevelopment of a station site in the center of the city of Aalst. The project is situated at the back of the station, on top of the current commuter parking, between the station and the banks of the river Dender. The project consists of a mixed development of apartments, retail, offices, a parking building, a bicycle parking and greening.
The parking building will provide space for +900 cars and is linked to the business premises. It will consist of 5 layers and a rooftop parking. Light and natural ventilation is provided through a patio, which runs from the cellar up to the roof.
A business premises is envisaged facing the square.
The Galleria building will provide all the facilities for train travelers, as well as the bicycle parking, the offices for the NMBS, but will also form an addition to the existing commercial facilities.
The building will act as the link between the station, the river, the square and the residential area.
The residential area is situated along the river.

City: Aalst, Belgium
Street: Tragelweg
Type: Residential, Retail, Office
Surface: 42.000m² + 24.000m² parking