Our Vision

Breevast B.V. invests worldwide in commercial and residential real estate. Breevast also develops and manages commercial and residential properties, including large-scale portfolios of office buildings, business premises, shopping malls and homes.

Breevast uses its vision, creativity and knowledge to take the right investment decisions. In order to spread the risks, Breevast has distributed its portfolio across various countries and sectors.
Breevast responds to the needs of end users. In developing and managing real estate, Breevast expressly considers its customers’ environment, business culture and specific wishes.
Breevast’s activities are coordinated from its Amsterdam headquarters. In addition, Breevast has various European offices in cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, Warsaw, Luxembourg and Bratislava. Breevast US, based in Newport Beach, California, coordinates the investments in North America.


Strategy and core activities

The company’s real estate business in the core markets of the Netherlands, Belgium, Eastern Europe and the United States comprises four strategic segments:

1. Expansion of existing real estate portfolio and quality improvement
Breevast acquires (portfolios of) properties to which value can be added and sells the optimized premises. The aim is to enlarge and rejuvenate the real estate management portfolio. The quality of a property is sharply monitored, with location, rental income and tenant quality being the main criteria.
2. Asset management for portfolios in joint venture
Breevast, together with international parties in the financial markets, holds (large) portfolios for which it performs the asset management after acquisition. Its dedicated asset management organization has an active portfolio management policy with the objective to further optimize the portfolio and to sell it in tranches in the medium term.
3. Revolving the real estate portfolio to foster dynamics and improve returns
Breevast is interested in the acquisition of (large) portfolios of (listed) real estate funds, either with or without partners. On account of the large transaction volumes, such portfolios can be purchased for a reasonable price. The aim is to retain some of the properties for a short period of time and then to sell them. Where the other properties are concerned, Breevast seeks to realize the full potential of upgrading or redevelopment.
4. Developing commercial real estate for the company’s own portfolio
Higher initial returns are created by developing real estate projects under the company’s own direction. This is possible because Breevast employs a very stringent budget discipline and limits risks by ensuring that a substantial portion is leased before construction begins. Furthermore, by also operating in the development field, market-relevant expertise is retained within the company. After completion, such new and easily marketable real estate is generally added to the real estate management portfolio.
Besides the above-mentioned activities in the core markets, Breevast is on the lookout for opportunities in new fields of operation. The focus here is on economically strong and/or rapidly growing, politically stable countries, where cooperation may be sought with local partners.